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A story begins

Place: Emby – Capital

Emby was once a part of a great empire, this is 80 years ago. It`s mostly a Humanplace. You can find dwarfs in the deep mountains, and perhaps an elf now and then, in the forest. There is also aswamp close to the ocean, to the east, and it`s said to be haunted.

This is what A`cara knows of the world, she has seen maps… but she does not know much about the world.. only her own world in the forest…

There is a lot of newcomers in the Town of Emby. It`s late autumn, and it`s unusually warm for this time of the year. A towncryer cryes out a message. And the city silences for a little while. The Kinghimself will give a 1000gp for settling in a distant part of his lands, far far to the east. You are to claim 64 acres of land, and live there for a whole year, from the first day of spring. If your not there in a year, you`ll displease the King.

A`cara have heard some murmurs about the King casting curses on the people that has displeased him.

Krako, my merchant, and boss (for the moment) tells me he is very pleased with my work here, I made sure that they survived the trip, all the way.. Ash a cratelifter, that has been Krakos apprentice, is a big strong man, but I still think I`m better to lift crates than he is. IF it haden`t been for that awfull citysmell I would have done very good.

Ash tells me that he wants to go and grab some land, the towncryer told us about. He drags me along, and in the line for signing up, Ash gets a few friends, also standing in the line, waiting to sign up.

And this is where our story begins.


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