A`cara of Phaulkon

Cleric-Ranger, The Hand of God


Str: 16 Dex: 8 Con: 10 Int: 10 Wis: 18 (20) Cha: 12

AC: 19 HP: 39 Initiativ: -1

Fort: 8 Ref: 1 Will: 13


Mighty Compositet Masterworked Longbow Spear Dagger Staff of Healing

Possessions A backpack
  • 2 dwarven dresses
  • dwarven cloak
A Pouch
  • dried pinecone
  • handful of hazelnut

Before you met A`cara

A`care is a young lady, looks like her elvenbutt just got out of puberty. She is somewhat clumsy, but can work a bow, like no man can. She has been living in the forest all her life, as a hunter. She wears the telltale scars of one who has worked for a living all her life. This life has set its marks on A`cara, she is strong as an ox, and wiser than an owl.

A`cara is a recent follower of the God Phaulkon, her family has traditionally prayed to Obad-Hai to keep them safe.

Nine moone before she started to adventure with Ashahid, A`cara was hunting a wolf cub, the cub was hurt and called out for its mother. The mother came, but not alone, surrounded by a pack of wolves, A`cara was frozen by fear. From the sky above, a great eagle descended. It attacked the alpha wolf, who was about to bite A`caras neck. Bloodied the wolf backed away. The bird of pray followed up with a loud screech, which scared off the whole pack. This bird was a aspect of Phaulkon, it thought A`cara to speak with animals, thus able to defend herself against other predators. It still visits A`cara now and then, before she goes to bed.

A`cara is not used to dealing with others humans, and has only just begun doing so. She`s been trading with Krako, a half orc merchant who travels her area. Trading skins for tools. A`cara was employed by Krako The Trader, he wanted her along for his newest expidition. She wasn`t about to agree, but was persuaded by Krako and his goon Ash-something, to join them as their tracker.

“There`s no way they`d make it there without me..”

The deal was sealed with a big orc Strongbow, Krako had obtained from his dealings.

A`cara has difficulty trusting others, not used to befriending others, only proving her worth. She feels somewhat useless, and unappreciated in her new position away from her old hunting grounds. She wants to prove her worth to the band, and eventually the new settlement. She`ll start by helping the others, with picking a good plot, to grow some food. She`d alson like to train others in what she does best, hunting, and shooting.

A`cara of Phaulkon

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