This frail, worn, and scarred adventurer wears many tell tale signs of his former heroics...


When he is asked about by others, Alopex usually answers that he is just a man, like any other. And at a cursory glance it might appear true. He appears to be a man in his late twenties, standing at about 5’8”. he has red hair with a white streak along the left side of his temple. He is skinny, gaunt even, to an extent it might even border on unhealthy. However, if one where to take a closer look, there are several things that would seem off about him. He is as scarred as any soldier who had dedicated a human lifetime to the pursuit of violence. His baby blue eyes seem to churn with the workings of a razor sharp mind, and his very presence and personality seem to be a force of nature in and of itself. His frame, though slight, is possessed with a great wiry strength, and one would have to be stupid not to realize that this is a very dangerous man. More intangible though is the sense he gives that something about him just isn’t right.

His apparel also serve to set him apart. Covering his entire right leg is an orc tribal tattoo. He wears his ancestral kilt with pride, and he has on him robes that are clearly drow in origin. Upon closer inspection they would turn out to be Vestments of ebonsilk. Around his neck, he has a splint of adamantium shaped like a tooth. His axe is obviously dedicated to Heironeus, but a keen eye might recognize it as the fabled, thought lost Axe of valorous virtue.

Yes, to the casual observer Alopex seem to be just a scarred and weathered warrior from a strange land. Sporting a mischievous grin while puffing on his pipe, and its a illusion he welcomes, if not actively uphold. He is just a man, like any other.


Born more then a century ago, the man who would later call himself Alopex has worn many guises, made many deals, and done many extraordinary things. Born the youngest son of a small village’s blacksmith, his first true adventure was at the tender age of eight, when he retrieved a locket from the local dryad on the behalf of one of the village girls. He made a deal with the dryad then that has affected him ever since. When he eventually left his home village, he became a champion prizefighter, winning at length a tournament called the three ogre challenge. Afterward he spent years in relative obscurity raising his brood, and releasing books on diverse subject under a nom de plume, eventually earning a knighthood for his contributions to the arts. Most of his scars are from this period, but he remains tightlipped about how they came to be. He made a stand against the horselords invasion of the east, but these events are shrouded in myths and legends. A little over three decades ago, Alopex moved again, ending up in the Desert of Kuy’shila with a group of resistance fighters struggling against the burgeoning tyranny of Lord Raqib. In the end he was captured and believed to have been executed. In truth he escaped and fled the desert. Some time later he was captured again, this time by drow slavers, while ensuring the escape of several children captured by the slavers. For three decades he endured the horrors of drow servitude. In the end though, he managed to escape, but to reach the surface world he was forced to make a terrible deal with a drider witch. Once on the surface he was, after doing them a great service, formally adopted into the Thundersun orc tribe. Then he traveled to the city of Emby where he joined up with another band of adventurers, and helped found the village of Lord’s Grace. He took office as the town’s marshal, and is responsible for training its militia.

He was recently knighted once more by Lord Devon for his part in saving Dowcaster from being flooded.


Lord's Grace Alopex