Ashahid Baqi

A 7 foot tall muscled red giant, covered in scars and magical tattoos. Ashahid usually wears a big sword and an even bigger smile.


Str 22 Dex 13 Con 12 Int 16 Wis 8 Cha 12

Base Armor 10
Dex Bonus 1
Shield 7
Mage Armor or Luminous Armor 7 or 8 (+4)
Alter Self or Polymorph 8 or 10
Protection from Evil 2
Total 35-38(42)

Equipment: +1 Greatsword +2 Strength Bracers Pearl of Power lvl 1


Ashahid woke up in a burnt down building around 2 years ago, not remembering anything of what came before. Beside him lay 2 corpses burnt to cinders, and the only things with him was a greatsword and a large scroll case.

In the scroll there was techniques, of both the mind and the body. wich he apparently used to know, and it also told him his name. Ashahid Baqi. Ashahid has been studying theese scrolls ever since so as to learn as much as possible about his former self.

Ashahid has red skin wich is apparently very uncommon around theese parts, infact he’s never met anyone that knows anyone but Ashahid with this skin. Ashahid is determined to find out why he’s so different than the other people of Emby.

Ashahid is a huge man, so whatever he did in his former life it was something physical. To utilize his strength he’s been helping a half orc merchant called Krako carry crates around and act as his body guard when needed. Travelling with Krako allowes Ashahid alot of time to study his scrolls, while travelling all across Emby in search for anyone that recognizes him or knows more about his kind. While traveling in the south western region of emby, Krako and Ashahid came upon a human woman called A`cara, she’s apparently had very little contact with other humans. But has recently decided it’s time to rectify that and wants to join Krako and I in our travels across Emby. She’s got a strong pair of hands and she knows the woods like no one else. Ashahid enjoys his life for the moment, content with the peace and the opportunity of exploring a new(?) country.

Ashahid has since with the help of the godess of fey creatures Queen Titania recovered his memory, and now knows his real identity

Ashahid Baqi

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