Baron Shaunmax De'Ville

The evil lord of mills, hates Caedmund and Ashahid with a passion. Cleric of Hextor(?)


Evil ruler of Mills. Official head of both the town and the hextor church. Is trying to keep a monopoly on Sawmills and planks.

Was humbled during Content Not Found: alopex plot, wich involved stealing his best smith, some of the aforementioned sawmill blades, and also a grand tournament between Hextor and Heronious with Caedmund and Ashahid arranging the fights in such a way that the greatest fighter of Heronious got a fair fight against the best Hextor had to offer.

Has sent assassins after Caedmund and Ashahid, wich succeded in poisoning Ashahid (after their capture) but it Failed to kill him.

De’Ville’s daughter Helena was charmed by Al-Hasib before his mind rape. Mostly out of duty Ashahid chose to keep Helena as his wife, and tries his best to be close to her. To show that he is not like his former self wich had intended to add Helena to his family’s Harem

Alopex has recently made it clear that Lord’s Grace accepts Helena as an Apology from the Baron, and has aquitted him from the assassination charges. We have yet to recieve an answer from the Baron.

Baron Shaunmax De'Ville

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