A lithe and light hearted young man, usually wearing a smile, with long white gray hair. Allthough his eyes betray that jokes and laughter is not all there is to him.


Caedmumd died defending the Mirror of Caerlie following Queen Titania’s commands. He did this knowing it would probably end in his death.

Caedmund was Ashahid’s sparring partner of choice, they thought each other many things. A technique Caedmund particularly liked, that Ashahid remembered from his training in the Desert of Kuy’shila is the Scorpion’s Grasp, wich he used to great effect, against Dragons, Giants and wrongdoers alike.

Leea insisted in calling him Sir Caedmund, wich to everyone else seemed a folly. Much to our surprise this turned out to be the truth when we recieved Caedmund’s Heraldry from Queen Titania.


Lord's Grace athas