Lord Devon

A tall strong, cleric of Saint Cuthbert, usually wearing his full plate mithril armor.


Lord Devon was the son of the former tyrant of Dowcaster, he ran away from his father to live a quiet life, but was denied that when he and his family was taken by slavers and brought to the “other continent” close to the city of Yarrh

After fighting along with (insert names) Kjetil’s Druid, Katarina’s Wizard and Sagacious Temple Lord for several years Devon finally made it back to Emby, he had gained so much personal power that he was able to throw down his father and take his place as the ruler of Dowcaster, he made Saint Cuthbert it’s patron deity and vowed that there was an end to his fathers unjust ways.

He now rules Dowcaster and the region around it, including Lord’s Grace along with his (name) Lady. He does this with much personal involvement and as Justly as he possibly can. Devon has come to Lord’s Grace several times

Lord Devon

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