Tag: Council


  • Ashahid Baqi

    Ashahid woke up in a [[burnt down building]] around 2 years ago, not remembering anything of what came before. Beside him lay 2 corpses burnt to cinders, and the only things with him was a greatsword and a [[large scroll case]]. In the scroll there …

  • Tinny

    Tinny is a boy we found close to Lord's Grace when we first traveled there, his parents had been taken by slavers a few years ago. He'd been able to survive on his own in the woods since then. Tinny has since become quite the entrepreneur he's part of …

  • Arly the Innkeeper

    Arly was one of the Innkeeper volunteers that came to [[:ashahid | Ashahid]] for a job, with the help of his most trusted advisor in the ways of people [[Leea]] Arly was picked for the job of Innkeeper in Lord's Grace. She's been keeping tabs on both …

  • Jones the Smith

    Jones the Smith was smuggled out of Mills during [[:alopex | Alopex's]] plan in [[Mills | Mills]] He brought with him his two apprentices(wich in turn brought others), many of his tools and sawblades. He now has fire fey creatures from the dwarven …

  • Boris the Miller

    Has been disallowed to drink any alcohol by the court of Dowcater, is now our responsibility. If he gets drunk in our care we'll have to pay a fine of 50 gold to the court of Dowcaster and Boris goes to Dowcaster Labour Mines.

  • Sergeant Drogar

    This experienced sword for hire, has found a place he likes and now bonded to it. One of Lord's Grace council, his most important job is keeping lords grace safe and well defended when the party is out of town.

  • Elena the Apprentice

    Elena moved from mills along with [[:jones-the-smith | Jones the Smith]] after the [[Manure-Coup]] masterminded by [[:alopex | Alopex]]. She was initially very bad tempered but that was quickly remedied when her boyfriend joined her.