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  • Places

    * Towns of Emby ** [[Emby | Emby]] ** [[Mills]] ** [[Dowcaster]] ** [[Eastern]] ** [[Kirk]] ** [[Lord's Grace]] * Dwarven Lands ** [[Moradinon]] ** [[Moradon]] * Other ** [[Old Slaver Camp]] ** [[Druid Grove]] ** [[Widows home]] ** [[the …

  • Mills

    the Carpenter town in Emby, big, and ruled by [[:baron-shaunmax-de-ville | Baron Shaunmax De'Ville]] Mills is our most current and obvious adversary, being an evil town, the assassination attempts, our involvement with the [[Church of Heironeous]] and …

  • Eastern

    Eastern is Lord's Grace port town ;P Ok not yet but that is our intention. Infact because it's mayor has his head up his ass, theres been little to no progress in this direction.

  • Kirk

    Kirk is a port town north of Dowcaster, it's the former home of [[Tinny's Sisters]]. The mayor of kirk is a friendly half elven scholar named Varen, that lives on a hill in the center of Kirk

  • the Sea of Grass

    Far to the east of Lord's Grace and the Land of Emby is what is called the Sea of Grass. It used to be the central part of the old empire. There is rumours that parts of the old capitol of [[Garnie]] still stands and that it's being guarded/looted by …

  • Widows Home

    Half way between [[Eastern | Eastern]] and [[Lord's Grace]] on the last farm before the forest, lives a widow, she has a house full of kids, and somehow still keeps on going. Shea the widow and her 7(?) kids live here, allthough some has moved into …

  • Lord's Grace

    h1. By the Lord's Grace is the name of the town Alopex, Caedmund, A'cara, Leea and Ashahid decided to start with the help of [[:king-torgil | King Torgil's]] funds. They all share equal parts in the town. [[Caedmund]] and [[Leea]] have died, and now …

  • Old Slaver Camp

    an Old Slaver camp where a settler lives with his half orc wife. They're both very afraid of racism and thus refuses to come and live in [[Lord's Grace | Lord's Grace]]